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B/W Ani : Contest OPEN - Button by Drache-LehreAYO! B/W Ani : Contest OPEN - Button by Drache-Lehre

I am holding this contest since its really hard for me to find artists who's style I'm truly in love with.
Design my characters that I list below and you could win some badass prizes ;)


1. You will be designing these characters based on mostly written text with some visual aid
2. No hate/bashing shit
3. Please don't blow up my inbox asking me 21 questions, everything you will know about the character will be right in this journal to help you!
4. You are totally allowed to enter more than 1 piece!
5. By entering this contest you understand that any art you submit I am free to use[giving you credit ofc!] even if you don't win.
6. I am accepting any type of art. Traditional, digital, cheebs, gifs, animation, etc. Just no literature! It can be anime, manga, realism, semi realism, but I am looking more for the semi realism! But who knows, someone with anime style might surprise me ;)

7. At least 5 people need to enter for the contest to take place!

How to Enter the contest:

A) You must share this a journal[of its own no sharing with other contests!] or share via Poll
B) You must fav this journal
C) Leave a comment saying you are entering and leave the link to the journal/poll you made sharing this contest

D) Please NOTE ME your entries!

-Contest Ends September 1st, 2018-


GrandPrize Winner ~

*$150 USD/EURO/CAD via PayPal
*1 Year of Core Membership
*Featured in a Journal on my page
**ALSO, if you design ALL of my characters you get a bonus of an extra $40!
***If you make an animation to my liking you will also get an additional bonus! ;)

My Characters

  • Roxy Branson

    • Vampire Diaries Logo Stamp by SacredLugia
    • Show: The Vampire Diaries & The Originals
    • 5'2" tall
    • Very feisty, aggressive and stubborn. She is a fighter, a killer & acts before thinking. However, she is extremely loyal and an amazing friend.
    • A werewolf turned Hybrid by Klaus
    • She falls in love with Stefan Salvatore and they get married until he dies. She then returns to New Orleans to live with Niklaus and they later become a couple.
    • Her hair is natural blonde but she hates it so she dies it burgundy.
    • She has semi-emo hair style:
    • Her hair color is more-or-less this shade:
    • Her eye color:
    • When it comes to clothing she wears more casual or "emo" "gothic" "punky" style. She prefers sneakers or boots over heels, but she will dress up if she needs to or feels like it. Here is a good example of a type of outfit she would wear[minus the bag]:
    • Her skin tone isn't pale nor tan, its a nice spot in the middle.
    • She is a late relative of Lexie Branson ;)
    • Her theme song: [link]
    • Her & Stefan's song: [link]
    • Her & Klaus's song: [link]

  • Gloria

    • Maze Runner Trilogy Stamp by xMaikoWolfx
    • Movie: The Maze Runner
    • 5'3" tall
    • Very athletic, fun, loving, but bit of a loner. She's a good runner like her brother, but she is known for being very strong!
    • She is the older sister of Thomas[by 2 years] and her boyfriend is Newt. 
    • She has bleach blonde hair and brown eyes.
    • Her hair is usually left down but sometimes she will put it up in a loose ponytail. Her hair is pin straight and she has side-swept bangs. For its length it goes past her shoulder blades a little.
    • Her skin tone is pale. 
    • She is very protective over Newt, and a bit of a hardass towards her brother lol.
    • She tries to kill herself after Newt's death..but she is saved.
    • Her & Newt's song: [link]

  • Angel Black

    • Harry Potter Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
    • Movie/Book: Harry Potter
    • 5'6" tall
    • She honestly keeps to herself most of the time and does not find it necessary to make friends. However, she does make best friends with Luna Lovegood. She is smart and a pretty powerful witch. Angel is level-headed but dominant. She does secret bidding for professors at Hogwarts so she is usually always busy or missing from school functions. Her specialties are Care for Magical Creatures & Potions. She's like the potions queen, yo! lol
    • She is the daughter of Sirius Black and considers Harry a cousin over a brother. She has an excellent relationship with her father but a strained on with Harry. 
    • She is also an animagi; a white wolf with sapphire blue eyes. Before Hogwarts she actually attended Uagadou, mastering the art of Animagi quickly.
    • She transfer to Hogwarts, entering as a third year.
    • Her nickname is "Blue", which her father calls her the most.
    • She has a crush on Draco Malfoy for a long while, but never leads on to it. People are actually quite shocked when they do start dating[especially Harry]. They do end up getting married and having a son.
    • She has beautiful long, wavy blonde hair and grey eyes.
    • Hair like this:
    • Eyes like this:
    • Her skin tone is not pale, but also not tan.
    • She is a pureblood.
    • Her house is Slyterin. 
    • She likes wearing comfy sweaters and leggings the most. She also wears skirts sometimes.
    • Her and Draco's relationship is actually quite passionate and fiery. They don't really argue and have no form of jealousy; they completely trust each other.
    • Her & Draco's song: [link]

  • Trixie

    • Riverdale by AdrianaFilip
    • Show: Riverdale
    • 5'1" tall
    • Trixie is from the Southside and is good friends with Jughead. She secretly has a crush on him..well....its not really a secret because most people can tell she's into him..except Jughead ^^; LOL. She comes from an abusive home and ran away when she was about 12 years old. Jughead looks after her and looks at her as a sister in a way. When Jughead starts to show feelings for Betty, it breaks Trixie's heart and she comforts herself by cutting. Archie, another good friend of hers, realizes what she has started to do and decides to spend more time with her. On night, one thing leads to another and they have sex. Archie taking Trixie's v-card. Trixie's regrets it because she still is in love with Jughead and ends up going missing. When she goes missing it really fucks with Jughead because, again, they were very good friends and basically always lived together since they were 12. It's not until the end of season 1 when she shows back up at Jughead's door to hand him his Serpent jacket. She looks a bit different now. More matured, and confident in herself. Jughead is overwhelmed with happiness that she has finally shown back up but a little shocked she's part of the gang now. However, seeing that she is makes him feel even more calm and assured of joining the Serpents as well. At this point, Betty becomes highly jealous of Trixie.
    • Her hair is dark chocolate brown and her eyes are green.
    • Her hair style:…
    • Her hair color:…
    • Her eye color:…
    • Trixie is a very emotional and caring teenager. She doesn't get the best grades in school but she does love to read, mainly dark or romance books. She can defend herself but her heart is into art. She loves to draw and she is actually very good at it! She has lots of sketch books and most of the time, if shes not reading, will be seen drawing in one of them. She is best at drawing male characters over female though, maybe because she has practiced drawing Jughead for years lol.
    • She has an hour glass figure, with medium sized breast but a nice big booty =p 
    • She wears dark clolred clothing, mainly black >_> She is normally seen wearing hoodies, skinny jeans and sneakers. She has never worn a dress/skirt before 0-0 Sometimes she will be wearing big square black framed glasses.
    • Her skin tone is more on the tan side, but not too tan.
    • Her theme song: [link]
    • Her & Jughead's song: [link]

  • Crystal Johnson

    • Stranger Things - Stamp by StampGalaxy
    • Show: Stranger Things
    • Age(Season 2): 15 years; Age(Season 3): 16 years
    • Short, messy, wavy dirty-blonde hair
    • Pretty green eyes
    • MORE TO COME!!
Thanks for your interest!
REquest to blow kisses by Ninja-Jamal

FYI, this is my second account on dA. I have another one that I only use for anime type characters so I've been on dA for 2 years.


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